American nuclear submarine headed to South Korea. It’s time to ask our government to END the Korean War.

American friends, the United States announced last week that we will send a nuclear submarine to South Korea. The nuclear crisis in Korea is a result of the war languishing on, never ended, for 73 years.

Rather than escalate the crisis further, now is a good time to ask our government to END the Korean war.

Would you consider joining us for Korea Peace Advocacy Week?

It’s simple. No experience required.

– Register your availability on June 5-9th through the link below. (Inviting a friend makes it more fun!)
– Learn about the bipartisan Peace on the Korea Peninsula Act (H.Res. 1369) on a Zoom call.
– Receive an email, with one to three 30-minute Zoom calls that match your schedule. (At least one other team member will attend with you. You won’t be alone!)
– Introduce yourself on the Zoom meetings and share your reason that war is not the answer in Korea.

If you attend, I look forward to seeing you on the training call. If you’re from Missouri, like me, we’ll do advocacy together!!!

See you there?


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