Theology on Homosexuality

I appreciate the tone and reasonable discussion of what the Bible teaches and how theology informs Christian thought on homosexuality. This teacher refuses to take a “conservative” or “liberal” political perspective, but focuses on walking in Christian truth and love.

(This post is part of a series of posts on homosexuality and healing)

Who is Jesus?

I’ve been watching a lot of Bishop Barron’s YouTube channel lately. I want to share some of this good stuff with you. Enjoy!

The Same-Sex Attracted Christian

Thanks to David Bennett for articulating his journey with Jesus and putting together a solid, reasoned theology addressing homosexual attraction for believers. I especially appreciate the way this discussion addresses hard questions of identity, singleness, the definition of Christian family and the Christ-centered life. He also gives good advice to Christians who are trying to figure out how to relate to the LGBT community.

Please take some time to listen – even if only to certain parts that interest you. There’s a menu below, so you can tune into certain parts of the discussion.

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Darrell L. Bock and David Bennett
00:16    Bennett’s ministry with the Zacharias Trust
01:15     How Bennett moved from being an LGBT activist to working with RZIM
03:30    Bennett’s journey from atheism to Christianity
08:36    Bennett’s struggle to reconcile sexuality with his faith
10:08    Bennett’s journey to Oxford
12:57     Bennett’s message to people in the LGBT community
16:45     Bennett’s new perspective on sexuality and individual identity
19:33     God, sexuality and the human desire for transcendence
23:06    Romantic love and the search for lasting human fulfilment
26:00    The sacrifices God requires of same-sex attracted Christians
31:20     Bennett’s encouragement drawn from Isaiah 56:4-5
33:12     How the church can be supportive of singleness
38:55     Advice for Christians engaging with the LGBT community
44:09    The importance of patience and support in ministering to the LGBT community

Birthday Fundraiser 2016: Researching the Caregiver-Child Relationship

Hey friends!

Most years, around my birthday, I do a fundraiser. In the past, I’ve raised money for trafficking victims to get home, to fund medical bills for a friend, for tuition fees for an inspiring young doctor-to-be, etc.

This year, I’m looking at the issue of children separated from their parents. In South Sudan, where I have lived and worked in the past, there are children’s homes caring for many kids who have been separated from their moms and dads due to war, violence, and other issues. While it is wonderful that children are receiving care, I want to study the relationships between the children and their new caregivers. How do the caregivers perceive the children? How do they understand their role in the children’s lives? What are the important roles of a South Sudanese parent? Do they parent the children in their care the same as they did their own children? Do the caregivers feel equipped and supported in their work? How do the children perceive their well being in these homes? Are they well provided for? Do they feel safe and loved?


For my 8th annual birthday fundraiser, I’m raising money to do research on the caregiver-child relationship at children’s homes in South Sudan. I will spend June and July in South Sudan, conducting this research before returning to the USA in August to write my graduate thesis. I hope that what I learn will serve to inform future caregiver trainings and advocacy for best forms of care for kids who are separated from their moms and dads in South Sudan.

I still need $1,111 to fund this research project. You can contact me if you would like more details about the research or how I will use these funds.


I’m turning 30 years old this year. Would you be willing to donate $30 (or less – or more) toward my research?

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