My Motivation

Peacebuilding is much more than stopping violence. It is a journey toward the restoration and health of all relationships – what the Bible calls “justice” and “righteousness.” It is movement toward global flourishing and wholeness – what the Bible calls peace. There is a universal heart cry for peace. Our world is longing for it.

My personal journey to peacebuilding began when I applied the teachings of Jesus to broken relationships and conflicts in my own life. When Jesus’ teachings transformed me and my relationships, I was amazed and grateful. The transformation I experienced inspired me to work more broadly for relational healing and conflict transformation throughout our world.

“Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they will be called children of God.”
― Jesus, Mt. 5:9

That’s when I came to learn the United States played a significant role in the division of the Korean peninsula and the succeeding war – which never ended. I came to realize that Americans have a significant role to play in partnering with Korean people to end this war and heal the wounds of the conflict.

You are invited to partner with me in peacebuilding. I am happy to share more of my personal story, journey to peacebuilding, the situation on the Korean peninsula, as well as the role I believe Americans and Christians can play in peacebuilding in Korea. If you want to continue this conversation, send me a message here.

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