7th Annual Virtual Korea Peace Advocacy Week 

Credit to Korean Sharing Movement (우리만족서로돕기운동)

June 13-17, 2022

Join hundreds of people from across the USA in virtual advocacy meetings urging our members of Congress to support:

  • A Peace Agreement to end the Korean War
  • Life-saving humanitarian assistance
  • Other humanitarian issues, such as lifting the travel ban, reuniting separated families, and repatriating the remains of U.S. service members

➩➩➩ Register here by May 26.

What to expect:
*Prior to Advocacy Week
Receive advocacy training (June 2, 8 pm ET)
Attend optional educational webinars
*During Advocacy Week
Have 1 to 3 meetings with Congress Members and/or their staff
(Meetings typically last 30 minutes on weekdays, between 9am and 6pm ET. Coordinators try to plan meetings that fit your schedule.)  
*After Advocacy Week
Attend an optional happy hour to debrief!

Organized by: Korea Peace Network (Korea Peace Now Grassroots Network, Peace Treaty Now, Korea Peace Network) 

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