6th Annual Korea Peace Advocacy Week

If you have not done so already, please register for the Korea Peace advocacy week HERE

Sixth Annual Virtual Korea Peace Advocacy Week 

July 12-16, 2021

Join hundreds of people across the country in nationally-coordinated virtual advocacy meetings to urge your Member of Congress to support:

  • A Peace Agreement to end the Korean War;
  • Life-saving humanitarian assistance; and
  • Other humanitarian issues such as lifting the travel ban, reuniting separated families and repatriating the remains of U.S. service members. 

➩➩➩ Register here by June 21.

What to expect:
*Prior to the advocacy week, you will:
– Be trained on how to lobby Members of Congress on June 30 at 8pm ET
– Be invited to educational webinars
(Trainings and webinars will take place in the evenings (8pm ET) prior to the virtual advocacy week.)
*During the advocacy week, you will:
– Have 1 to 3 meetings with Members of Congress and/or their staff
(Meetings with Members of Congress will take place during the week, typically between 9am and 6pm ET; Meetings usually last about 30 minutes, and coordinators will do their best to work with your schedule.)  
*After the advocacy week, you will:
– Have the option to attend a casual virtual happy hour and debrief!

Organized by: Korea Peace Network, Korea Peace Now Grassroots Network, Peace Treaty Now 

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