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Over the past seven years, I’ve used my birthday month of June for fundraising for situations and people near to my heart. I’m doing so again this year.

Four years ago, when I spent a year living in the United States, I worked at Waffle House. One of my coworkers was a vivacious, teenage spitfire named Kristen. I loved working with her – enjoyed her intelligent sense of humor, contagious laugh, beautiful smile, and her perspective on life. She was so lovable! I sold her my car before I moved to Thailand, and, although I was out of touch with her, I often thought of her and wondered how her life was going.

I was not in contact with her since leaving the United States, until last weekend, when I bumped into her family at the hospital.

19 year old Kristen died tragically on Monday night, and her family is grieving. Sadly, Kristen was uninsured, and the family needs help meeting medical and funeral expenses.

In honor of Kristen’s life – or maybe for no other reason than I’m asking you to do this as a birthday gift – would you donate toward Kristen’s medical and funeral expenses?

You can give directly to her family here. I won’t know that you’ve given – but thank you! Please don’t mention me – just give $5 or $10 or $20 (or $29 since I’m 29 years old!)… and pray for this grieving family.

As I type this blog post, doctors are doing a transplant of Kristen’s liver and kidneys. Her death won’t be in vain. Three people’s lives will be saved. I know this is how Kristen would have wanted it.

KristenHere’s her obituary:

Kristen LaShae Windham

Born: July 10, 1995
Died: June 01, 2015

Ms. Kristen LeShae Windham, of Warrenton, passed away suddenly on Monday, June 1, 2015 at the age of 19 years. Kristen was the daughter of Laurel Windham. She was born on July 10, 1995 in Crestview Florida.

Kristen was a graduate of Warrenton High School in 2014 and had taken a few college classes. She enjoyed singing and was in the choir during high school. She was also involved in the drama department at the high school. Kristen loved all of her nieces and nephews and was a very special aunt to each of them. She loved animals of all kinds but she especially loved her dog Ludo. Kristen also enjoyed reading books like The Twilght Series and Harry Potter. 

Kristen was preceded in death by her Nana Norma Jean Burford and her husband Cyrus and her PawPaw Larry Jones. She is survived by her mother, Laurel, one brother Brian Jones, two sisters Melanie Hartung and husband Paul Jr., and Jennifer Harlan and fiancé Kenny, two uncles John Harville and wife Peggy, Richard Mewbourne and wife Debby, two aunts Carrie Bote and husband Bruce, Ellen Haynie and husband Gary, seven nieces and nephews Jeff, Paiden, Franklin, Sean, Bentley, Alawna and Spencer, and many other relatives and friends.

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