So much of life would read like a novel, if only I had the time and presence of mind to write it. For example, last Friday, a precious Ugandan woman threw a party and invited us.

Stomach full of potatoes, cabbage, greens, eggplant, rice, and spicy beef, I sat on the bed with Ameria. She’d asked me to treat her hair, so with plastic bags tied around my wrists, I massaged cream into her hair to relax the tight curls. She taught me how, step by step. All the while, African beats drummed out of the laptop nearby.

Ameria had invited Audie and myself to come over that night because she wanted to throw a going-away party for Audie. I remembered the first time someone threw a going away party for me. I remember how loved I felt – how undeserving I felt – how treasured I felt.

Audie was sitting across the room, while three other Ugandan ladies braided brunette extensions into her strawberry blonde hair. Ameria had spent money to purchase hair extensions for Audie, and these braids were a Christmas gift to her. This was my first Christmas party of the season. 🙂

“Crowded hearts make room. Kindness falls like the snow… Season of Love. A chance to shine in the darkness. To give hope. To give joy. Season of Love. Christ is here with us. In our hearts, through our hands. Love is the season.”

Thank you, Ameria, for your love so generously shared with us this Christmas in our shared corner of Bangkok.

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