Reposting this commentary by rmott62 on prostitution. Listen to her voice, because she survived the world of commercial sex. Now she calls prostitution an “invisible genocide” and asks the rest of us to change our perspectives as well.

It is a crisis what is happening to the prostituted.

Every moment of every day on every continent, prostitutes are being systematically raped, are tortured beyond hope, and being killed or made to disappear.

If that is not a genocide – then you need to re-frame your language.

It is an emergency – but every moment of every day abolitionists are made to know they must be over-reacting and to please just shut up.

It cannot be an emergency, because it only the prostituted class and they are not human enough to inside a genocide.

Also, how can it be named as a genocide when there is a constant flow of sexual goods for men to consume.

But this only happens because the sex trade knows there is a constant supply of vulnerable women and girls who replaced the dead or destroyed goods.

It is the longest genocide in history, for it is made invisible by keeping the numbers of the prostituted high – whilst at the same time having terrible rates of mental, physical and sexual violence.

It is assumed that for prostituted women and girls – they will die from male violence 14 times more than any other group of women.

It is an invisible genocide for most of the prostituted are throwaway people – teenagers who have been neglected and react with self-hate and anger; indigenous women and girls; females without legal status; children/teenagers living in care; women in poverty; addicts and on and on and on.

Their tortures, their rapes and their deaths are not seen as important – it only becomes important if it may affect non-prostituted women and girls, or suggest that all men want the genocide of the prostituted.

So the prostituted are consumed and thrown away – inside so much unspeakable violence that there is a wall of silence – and society turn away and deal with real human rights issues.

I look and see feminists and human rights condemn rapes inside war-zones – but not the rapes inside brothels for the forces, not the under-aged prostituted girls that are rest and recreation in all war-zones, and no questioning the structure of most cultures they say men need the prostituted class in times of war.

I look and see as the definition of trafficking is narrow down so the vast majority of the prostituted are labelled as sex workers, and so are consider not deserving of basic human rights – such access to language of consent, to live in safety, to have freedom of thought, to have the right to life.

Trafficking is becoming a term that hides all the ordinary sadism that is the prostitute’s reality – it become non-rape when consent is money, it becomes lacking in real violence if you make just another job, the murders are made non-crimes as it is the prostituted are non-human.

All prostitution is the conditions of trafficking – that is an inconvenient truth that feminists, leftists, human rights activists, religious groups etc want to be silenced.

Instead they speak the language of choice, of paid consent, of sex work, of being liberated and sexually free – the language that is a poisoned arrow in the prostituted class.

It is this language that daily disappearing the genocide of the prostituted class – and saying what emergency, where?

It has broken me into pieces.

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I'm a lover and truth-seeker. This blog is a place for me to share my thoughts, struggles, and sincere searchings as I get to know God and welcome the reality of His kingdom in and through me.

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