The world’s eyes are on Africa the past few days.

Everyone holds vigil while Nelson Mandela is on life support in a hospital in Pretoria.
We shake our heads at Madiba’s family feud and pray that the reconciliation message of his life will be incarnate in his nation.

Our eyes widen at the news of Morsi’s fall from power in the military (coup?) intervention this week. We hold our breath and hope for the best for Egypt, watching commentary from Tahrir Square from the relative security of our living rooms.

We all go to our neighbors and friends, asking for a donation of $27 to help a trafficked African mother return home to her children. If one of us mobilizes just 10 people to give, then six of us fundraisers will send a woman home!

Just in case that last paragraph happens to be untrue of you, there’s still time to take part! We’re fund raising until the middle of July.

Maybe you can’t breathe life into Mandela’s lungs, heal his feuding family, or resolve the political turmoil in Egypt – but you can make a difference for an African trafficked woman, just waiting to go home to her babies.


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