Another way He loved me today... :) #vegemite #surprise

While I’m counting my blessings, I need to thank Jesus for special-ordering Vegemite for me from Australia!

Just so you understand, I really enjoy Vegemite on my toast. But, Vegemite comes from Australia, which is far away from Bangkok. An Aussie friend of mine brought me two tubes of Vegemite last November, which I have been savoring and rationing carefully.

I had never met nor spoken with the lovely young lady in the photograph, but she showed up at my apartment with a tube of Vegemite on the very day that I finished my Vegemite supply. 🙂

Wow. That’s most definitely one of those little delights that I never mentioned to Jesus in prayer, but He knew about anyway… What a kind surprise! How amazing that He cared so tenderly for me in that very significant, insignificant detail…

If He can send a stranger to me with imported Vegemite on the day my supply runs out, is there anything He can’t do? Any need He cannot provide?

Doubtful. 🙂

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