Jesus is alive and on the move!

This morning, our pastor challenged all of us to move close to God – to take a step in His direction – with the promise that if we move close to God, God will move close to us! He explained that God is so eager to unpack all of His reality in our hearts – more and more and more of His favor and peace – if we will only let Him. How do we let Him? We take a bold step of obedience towards Him. Pastor Don reiterated time and again, “If you take the first step, God will take the next 999!”

I have seen this reality playing out all weekend. You see, I’m convinced that Jesus died to set us free from all works of the enemy – sin, depression, addiction, sickness, etc – and that He is waiting for the Church to step up and agree with Him. If the Church (that’s all of us who have trusted in Jesus’ saving work in our lives) will take the scary first step of calling the enemy to account in Jesus’ name and for His glory, God will get the victory! We will see sin, depression, addiction, and sickness defeated! The same blood that Jesus shed for my forgiveness was shed for the freedom of all who are oppressed and enslaved – physically or spiritually.

So, now the fun stories! This weekend, here in our little corner of Missouri, we have seen Jesus heal four different people when we had the audacity to boldly tell the sickness to leave in the name of Jesus! We saw Jesus grow one leg that was shorter than the other – releasing a young woman from back pain! We literally saw the leg grow out before our eyes as she told us she felt an involuntary shift in her hips! A teenage girl’s dislocated finger was healed last night as a group of us prayed – telling the finger to be made right in Jesus’ name. Pain left the finger first, and by the time our evening together was over, she had regained movement in the finger – able to bend it again fully, which she could not do when we first prayed! This morning, after church, a young mother was released from pain that she has had constantly since an epidural-gone-wrong when her son was born in December! After that, we prayed for a teenage girl who had pain in her back. As we told the back to respond to Jesus’ authority and to come into alignment with the Kingdom of God, I saw her back move. I asked her, “Did you just move your back?” She said, “No, but I felt it move!” Her face lit in amazement as she bent back and forth and said that all pain was gone!

This weekend has been an adventure for me, as I am standing up to take my place as a daughter of God. If pain and physical problems are bowing their knee to the finished work of Jesus on Calvary, so must every other thing that keeps people trapped. I go into this new week very excited and eager to continue agreeing boldly with Jesus for the Kingdom of God to come everywhere where the enemy has people in bondage. I want to see drug addictions broken, relationships restored, and many bodies healed in the days to come! Jesus is real and alive, and people will know this truth because they will see Him actively at work. Many will come to realize that His love and power are very great – that He sees them and is passionate about them – and He will become the King of many hearts as He wins victory in their lives.

Jesus already paid the high price for our salvation and freedom. That is finished. Now, it is the vocation of the Church (you and me, folks!) to take that salvation to them. Sin and sickness are broken in Jesus’ name! They will know Him because they see Him through us.

Let’s do this, Church. 🙂 Let’s take the first step, and watch how God shows up! What an adventure we are on with Jesus!

About Jennie Joy

I'm a lover and truth-seeker. This blog is a place for me to share my thoughts, struggles, and sincere searchings as I get to know God and welcome the reality of His kingdom in and through me.

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  1. Wow, thanks for this incredible witness to our Lord’s amazing love for us! He does heal today! I know folks who do not believe this, but I do. He healed my sister’s broken back a long time ago and I saw the xrays to prove it. I am praying for Him to heal my eye sight now and I just know in His time he will!

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