“The things that people in love do to each other they remember,
and if they stay together it’s not because they forget, it’s because they forgive.”
-Dilson Manuel Arabe Muala

“I believe the primary thing God has in mind when He works to conform us into Christ’s image is meekness. Love. Humility. These are all essentially the same quality—the willingness to go low; to use my strength to serve rather than to enslave; to entrust my soul to the Father rather than grasp for its so-called rights. Jesus possesses many attributes, but the heart qualities He attributed to Himself are meekness and lowliness. ‘For I am meek and lowly of heart” (Mt. 11:29)…

What endures into the age to come? Is it not a humble love (1 Cor. 13)? You could say that at the end of our lives the question will be: did you learn to love? Not, how big was your ministry? Or, how many people did you please? Now, there is nothing insubstantial about this word that sums up all the Law and the Prophets. Love is all-consuming and demands flesh and blood expression to its claims. Just as Christ’s love for His Father and for us led to His poured-out life, so will love lead us.

On the one hand, this is weighty, because we spend so much energy building a glittering image, while God works in us to produce a lowly heart. On the other hand, I find it incredibly freeing. You mean everything counts with You, God? What amazing news. Doing dishes counts. Serving someone who has no ability to return the favor counts. Honoring my spouse’s desires when I want to do my own thing counts. Fasting a meal in secret counts. Praying for someone who has wounded me counts. Choosing righteousness when I am tempted with sin counts. If it lines up with God’s Word and it’s done in love, it counts as success in God. We have a Father who sees in secret, who will one day openly reward us (Mt. 6:1–18).”

About Jennie Joy

I'm a lover and truth-seeker. This blog is a place for me to share my thoughts, struggles, and sincere searchings as I get to know God and welcome the reality of His kingdom in and through me.

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