Quotes from the film The Nun’s Story

“The Reverend Mother Emmanuel represents Christ among us. And as such, she is loved and obeyed by us.”
-Sister Margarita, Mistress of Postulants
“Dear Children, it is not easy to be a nun. It is not a life of refuge from the world, it is a life of sacrifice. In a way, it is a life against nature. It is a never-ending struggle for self-perfection. Some of you will have more trouble than others. Poverty, chastity, and obedience are extremely difficult. Each of us here can assure you of that. The sacrifices that are required of us are bearable only if we make them with love. Just as in the world we can do impossible things with a glad heart for a loved one, so it is with us. We can endure greater sacrifice, for the object of our love is the Lord Jesus Christ… The perfect nun is one who for the love of God is obedient in all things unto death.”
-Reverend Mother Emmanuel, speaking to the postulants
“We offer our Lord our liberty, our memory, and our will, and we ask only for His love and His holy grace.”
-Postulants on their day of vesture as novices
“We will have exercises to develop charity, forbearance, and humility, and tests to destroy love of self.”
-Mistress of the novitiate, to her novices
“Perhaps the Reverend Mother feels you are not yet ready for the Congo. You must learn to accept with love whatever comes to you. It is essential in religious life.”
-Mother Marcella to Sister Luke, on her being sent to a mental hospital in Belgium
Sister Luke: I simply cannot obey, and if I cannot obey-
Priest: You’re so hard on yourself, my child
Sister Luke: Father, please lay my case before the cardinal. I am no longer a nun.
Priest: You solemnly promised to obey unto death. You should seek God’s pleasure and your own joy in keeping faith with your vows. Sacrifice is the only test to thy love of God.
-Exchange between Sister Luke and her priest at confession
“You entered the convent to be a nun, not to be a nurse.
The religious life must be more important to you than your love of medicine.”
-Reverend Mother Emmanuel to Sister Luke

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