Quotes from the film The Hiding Place.

“My Lord Jesus tells me to open the door to whoever comes – to give His love in whatever way I can – and I will listen to His voice, not mine.”
-Betsie Ten Boom, on hiding Jews in her home during the Nazi occupation of Holland
“What then can separate us from the Father’s love? Can hardship or calamity? Persecution or abuse? If we are hungry or poor or in danger or threatened with death, does that mean that God has deserted us? No! Despite all this, we have overwhelming victory through Christ who loves us. For I am convinced that neither death nor life, nor the powers of heaven, nor the powers of hell itself can keep God’s love from us. Nothing in the world as it is – or as it shall be – in the forces of the universe – in all creation – will ever be able to separate us.”
-Casper Ten Boom, reading from Romans 8:35, 37-38
“Father, bless the German people. From Your great storehouse of love, forgive them for Jesus’ sake. Do not hold this place to their charge. Forgive them, even before they know to ask.”
-Betsie Ten Boom, a prayer from Ravensbruck concentration camp
Corrie: God didn’t make this place [Ravensbruck camp]. Men did.
Woman: But [God] has power. Surely He can stop them! Unless, of course, He is a sadist.
Betsie: Oh no. He is love. All love.
Woman: Then He is impotent. You can’t have it both ways, my dear.
Betsie: You see what is around you. We see another world- just as real- our life with God. Every day it gets deeper and stronger. You think the two can’t exist side by side, but we know they do. We live them both… if only you knew His love.
Woman: Did your God will this?
Corrie: We cannot answer. The only thing I can say is – the same God you are accusing came and lived in the midst of our world. He was beaten and He was mocked. And He did it for love. For us.
Woman: And why do you think your God of love sent you here [Ravensbruck concentration camp]?
Corrie: To obey Him. If you know Him, you don’t have to know why.
-Conversation between Corrie and Betsie Ten Boom and a fellow-prisoner in the concentration camp
“It’s so funny about you two. Always talking about love. I bet neither of you ever had a man.”
-Fellow prisoner to the Ten Boom sisters
“Suffering does not mean that God has stopped loving us.”
-Corrie Ten Boom

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