What has God called you to? I can guarantee you, because I know our God, that it is not something insignificant. God doesn’t do insignificant.
The fullness of your calling is more than likely something impossible. And, just because someone is surely thinking this – I know I would be – let me clarify that by “impossible,” I mean “impossible in the eyes of man.” For we know that with Godnothing is impossible (Luke 1:37).
If you don’t think God would use you or call you to the impossible, well, I pity you because it seems like you’re missing out on something about God. He is a good and loving God, whose heart longs to redeem all of creation to Himself- back into the perfection of love that He intended- back into sync with His heartbeat. That means He’s longing to free people in addiction to sin and self. He’s longing to heal sick people and the physically/emotionally handicapped. He’s longing to restore the “irreparably” broken relationships – to reconcile “irreconcilable” differences.  He’s longing to raise the dead. He’s longing to surprise people with His goodness! He longs for the world to be whole – and wholly His again. THIS IS WHAT THE KINGDOM LOOKS LIKE!
How will He do all that? Some divine intervention where suddenly all sin and suffering and sickness and sadness are eradicated? Well, yeah, that will happen eventually – but what about today? How does He channel His intense longing in the mean time?
Through you and me.
As we abide in Him and He abides in us (John 15), He shapes our hearts and desires to match His. His intense desire becomes ours, and His transforming power is loosed through us- through our hands, our words, our actions. As we learn to walk in love and obedience to His Spirit’s work within us, the impossible happens. It is inevitable. God is given room to invade the world and fulfill part of His intense longing. We are called to join Him in world transformation.
And- please silence the voice of the enemy right there that whispered, “Maybe He calls some people to that, but not me.” Friend, God chooses the most foolish things of this world for His use. The vessel is of absolutely no consequence. We’re meant to be really small so He can be really BIG! (John 3:30) Surely He wants to use you! Why not? He loves you, and He deeply desires to walk alongside you and to minister His redemption through you. What fun! God and man having a party together, watching the world transformed as impossibilities become realities! 🙂 This is very good.
So, in the very least, I pray this spurs you on to seek God in a fresh way. I hope your heart is overtaken by the intense longing of God, and that as He consumes you, the world is irrevocably impacted by His work in and through you. Go get with God – and then go with Him to defeat the impossibilities in your arena.

About Jennie Joy

I'm a lover and truth-seeker. This blog is a place for me to share my thoughts, struggles, and sincere searchings as I get to know God and welcome the reality of His kingdom in and through me.

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