This post includes excerpts from an email I wrote to a dear friend today. After reading back over the email, I thought I’d post these “field notes” on my blog to de-mystify healing prayer a bit. The Holy Spirit can heal through any child of God that is willing… and it’s so much fun! If you know Jesus, the same Spirit that raised Him from the dead lives in you! So, um, you should totally try this healing prayer thing. 🙂

Jesus did some wonderful stuff last Sunday when we went on outreach to Goja! An old woman was healed from chronic arthritis in her knees after I just declared God’s love for her, commanded the arthritis to go in Jesus’ name, and asked the Father to bring His Kingdom reality into her knees. Like often happens when I’m praying for healing, I was initially skeptical when she first said the pain was gone. I had to ask her several times, but her grin kept expanding and she kept insisting that the pain was gone! I was so full of joy that I jumped around and shouted, and then she and I started dancing around the church together! NO PAIN IN HER KNEES ANYMORE!
Then, the same lady’s husband was instantly healed from general body pain! He got up in front of the church and started waving his hands and jumping- just praising Jesus! Apparently, while my colleagues, Nathan and John, and one of the older boys here, Kafi, were praying for him, Jesus even showed him a vision of heaven. Very cool!
Then, my Sudanese brother, Malik, was healed of a knee injury. He hurt his knee playing soccer a few months back. While I was standing at the altar, just waiting for God to show me how to pray for people, I began to feel pain in my right knee. From past experiences, I’ve learned that pain in times of healing prayer ministry usually is one of two things- either a spiritual attack that I can rebuke in Jesus’ name- or more often, it is God telling me that someone needs to be healed of a certain thing… so, I turned to Malik, who was right beside me, and asked if his right knee was hurting him. He said yes, so I began to pray, and the pain went immediately! (Incidentally, my knee pain went as soon as I began to pray for his… God’s so cool in the way He guides us!) So, then Malik joined my prayer team! It’s great when people who have just been healed join the prayers- they have a sense of expectancy, and it teaches them that they as children of God can also take authority in Jesus’ name over sickness.
Then, a woman with poor eyesight was healed. She got up in front of the church testifying, “I could not see much before, but now I can see even through the doors of the church out to the road! Praise Jesus!”
And finally, a woman with some funny spiritual stuff was freed and then healed. She was complaining of intense headaches, body pain, and double vision. When Malik and I prayed for her, the pain did not go away, but intensified and moved around in her body. Pain that responds to prayer like that is often more rooted in a spiritual cause than a physical cause, so when we prayed again, we rebuked any afflicting spirits in Jesus’ name… but the pain stubbornly persisted- and kept moving around, as if it had a right to be there… So, Nathan, who had joined us by then, felt led to ask the woman herself to openly renounce in Jesus name any connections to witchcraft, curses, or spiritual things that would hinder her healing… she started praying herself, and that’s when we witnessed breakthrough with her. The headache (which had been jumping from the back of her head to the front the past few times we prayed) was gone, and her vision was cleared. Where she had seen double, she was only seeing one person! 🙂 YAY GOD!
With each person I prayed for, after seeing healing, I rejoiced and praised God with them – reminding them that they were very loved by their heavenly Father and that He always hears their prayers. I also told them that the devil loves to try to come back in and lie to us that God did not heal. He may do that by sending back a bit of headache or a slight pain in the knee- just testing the ground. But, in those moments, I’ve found that if I tell the pain it’s not allowed and begin to praise Jesus again for the healing He already gave me, the pain nearly always leaves! If not, the devil will take back the old ground and more if he can manage… but he’s just a dumb liar and can’t stand it when we catch him in a lie and turn our eyes to Jesus instead! (Which is a lot like how I respond to temptations too… come to think of it. I just catch it, tell it it’s not allowed, and then start praising Jesus! WOOHOO!)

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I'm a lover and truth-seeker. This blog is a place for me to share my thoughts, struggles, and sincere searchings as I get to know God and welcome the reality of His kingdom in and through me.

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  1. oh man! to be a fly on the wall!! I’ve been praying for this in my mainstream evangelical church for years, but there seem to be so many hurdles here! So much unbelief, which could be more acurately descibed as wrong belief! We’ve had bad theology about healing for generations… I’m reading books written by early 1900’s revivalists. You sound like them! tell me more! I love to hear it!

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