About Law
“I think the law should apply to all people, even the people with guns!”
-Kakwa man
“Jesus never broke the law. How could God break the law He gave?”
-Pojulu man (in reference to Jesus healing on the Sabbath)
“The big issue is that there is no law to protect women… that is the weakness that we find in Sudan… There should be a law to protect them from early marriage and early pregnancy even. If you want her to go to secondary school or university even, you will find her impregnated by a man. Now, she will only stay at home… We need constitutional law to protect those girls in the school.”
-Zande man
“The law is saying below 18 years if you impregnate a lady, you can be punished, but when she is 18 and above and a woman is impregnated, it is then her decision. The government cannot say anything.”
-Dinka man
“Before we set a law, we should have a vision… We need to have a vision of the future of Sudan. What do we want it to be? We need to set a goal. Where we are going to?”
-Zande man
“If the people don’t agree with the law, it should be changed!”
-Kakwa woman
About Civic Responsibility
“If we want our government to be strong, we the people must implement. If we want to be democratic, it is we the people who must do it! We cannot always go to the government.”
-Zande man
“People should know their needs to tell the government. We need this. We need this.”
-Lotuko man
“If you walk with one leg, you will go slowly, but if you walk with two legs, you go fast. This is why women should also be allowed to participate in government so the country will develop faster.”
-Zande man
“The communities should just live in peace. Politics is not their responsibility.”
-Dinka man
“Why are women given more government representation than the youth when it was the youth who have led the struggle for freedom in the war?”
-Dinka youth leader, former child soldier
“The people are speaking seriously that they need also the elders to be represented in the parliament.”
-Kakwa man
“You find that certain communities get more representation in the government. You find their women are the women’s leaders – their youth are the youth leaders- all from the same community. It is not good!”
-Lotuko man
“There are so many villages who are unaware of the election!”
-Dinka man

About Jennie Joy

I'm a lover and truth-seeker. This blog is a place for me to share my thoughts, struggles, and sincere searchings as I get to know God and welcome the reality of His kingdom in and through me.

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