About Women
“Both women and men are human beings… We need not to encourage the traditional way we were seeing women before.”
-Zande men
“Women are quick tempered and easy to spoil everything.”
-Lotuko man
“There is something about women. Women have quick temper… they don’t want to wait to find the right solution. Some of the countries that are headed by women, it’s not that those women heading alone, but they have advisers who help things to go smoothly and normally.”
-Baka man
“The issue is, when the women begin any discussion, they won’t sleep until something is resolved. The man says, ‘These are some good ideas, let us sleep now and discuss it tomorrow,’ but the women says, ‘NO!’ Generally women have that weakness.”
-Dinka man
“Women are so emotional and are unable to control themselves in some situations.”
-Zande man
“On the side of women, if men delay, the women may gear the problem so that you men will find yourselves useless. They will come with a word of insult so that you see you are not really a man, so that you react quickly.”
-Baka man
“Women have great potential. What we need to do as husbands is to awaken their potential! We must awaken their potential!”
-Dinka man
“The women are more intelligent, even than the men, but we don’t recognize that.”
-Kakwa man
“Men consider them to be superior to women. Even in the Bible, who was created first? The man.”
-Kakwa man
About Family Relationships
“The older son will receive the respect because he is born first and deserves.”
-Dinka man
“Now, wen we come to the question of marriage and woman’s rights, the Bible says when the woman and man are grown, they should cleave to one another and make a new family. So, the father of the lady cannot exercise authority over her, because she is in a new family. The man is of the same blood of his family still, so he remains in his family.”
-Pojulu man
“With the coming of the western culture, [our marriage relationships] are now changing.”
-Dinka man
“In most cases when a relationship between brothers breaks, it affects the community and the clan. So, the clans come together to try to reconcile them. If it doesn’t work in the clan, the it goes to the community. If it cannot be solved in the community, it goes to the courts. This is the process of peace and justice here.”
-Lotuko man
“To marry a younger daughter when there is still an older unmarried sister is insubordinate. I would not bless such a marriage.”
-Dinka man
“There is a spirit in us that cannot keep us away from each other. When there is conflict in the family, the one brother is feeling he misses something in his life. The person feels like an alien in the family, and that spirit inside of him is stirring him to go home. In their lives, there may not be someone counselling them to reconcile, but the spirit in them is working. Give them time, and that inner voice will bring them to reconcile.”
-Pojulu man

About Jennie Joy

I'm a lover and truth-seeker. This blog is a place for me to share my thoughts, struggles, and sincere searchings as I get to know God and welcome the reality of His kingdom in and through me.

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