So, in Uganda last night, Michele and I sat with the Coppedges around their dinner table, exchanging wonderful stories about Jesus and the ways He has worked in our lives. Jesus is really fabulous, friends.

Then, Billy hit me with this question, “Why did Jesus create Jennie-Joy? What were you made to do?”
I stammered a bit and then said something about how I loved hearing people. Not just listening- but hearing– understanding- knowing people- where they’ve come from- why they are the way they are- how God’s been weaving Himself into their stories…
Now, that may have sounded nice and all, but I don’t think that’s really why Jesus created me. It was just one of those things one says to provide an answer when one hasn’t quite arrived at an answer- like when I was little, and Aunt Inez asked me what I liked to do, and I said, “I like to brush my teeth.” 🙂 

Yes, I do absolutely love to hear people, but that’s not why Jesus created me. That’s just a pleasure, a joy, or a tool that Jesus gave me for this life.

I don’t really have a perfect answer for this question, but it’s not the first time I’ve been asked it. I wrote the following for a class in college, however, it’s quite generally acceptable for the reason God created everyone:

Purpose is not a hard one for me. I know why I exist on this earth. It is not a race or competition. It is not a constant striving to achieve. It is not a lust for things that bring me comfort or entertainment. No. It is none of these things.

I was created by God with a purpose. Just like Adam and Eve were given a threefold purpose at creation (relationship with God, relationship with others, and care for the earth), so I was created with a very similar threefold purpose. I believe that all human purpose is some variation of the threefold purpose of Adam and Eve. The difference comes in that our world has been ravaged by sin and its consequences. Now, we are all called to restore the world to God’s best plan. To achieve this best plan, God calls us each to work toward fulfilling this purpose in slightly different ways, according to our unique designs. I exist to know God, love people, and invite the Kingdom of God to come close.

I got a little more specific later on in that paper about the unique way I was designed to fulfill my threefold purpose: 

Because joy is one of my foundational values, when I imagine my calling, I look first at the things within me that bring great joy. Theologian Frederich Buechner is often quoted as saying, “Vocation is that place where your great joy meets the world’s great need.” I believe my calling is born out of these inclinations that God has placed within me. God gives me great joy in meaningful relationships, the beauty of His creation, and in seeing the broken healed and made new.

Since I was a child, I have known God was calling me to fight for something. I have always been defiant of unjust authorities. From an early age, when my heart screamed, “IT’S NOT FAIR!” I resolved to do something to fix it. Some people grow to accept the world as an unfair place, but I refuse to accept it. If it is unfair, we will change it. Some of the injustices that weigh heavy on my heart are the injustices of war, human trafficking, and poverty. These are all enormous issues, but I recognize that they are all profoundly connected by the sinful, hateful, self-seeking, greedy heart of humankind. The message of God brings hope to each of these issues! The Gospel declares,


The desire to invite the Kingdom of God is holistic. Valuing connection as I do, I realize that there is no injustice in this world that is independent of the master of injustice. Therefore, my call, which is forthcoming, is holistic. When I speak of “broken systems of this world,” I mean those of the physical and spiritual world. When I speak of the Kingdom of God, I mean the visible presence of God’s reconciliation on earth as well as His restoration of relationship to Him for the Kingdom to come! 

I am called to fight the broken systems of the world, bringing the joyful message of the Kingdom to the oppressed through practical acts of love and words of peace.

Anyway, Billy’s question got me to thinking about this again. Thanks, Billiam!
I hope you’ll all take some time to think about why Jesus created you. Talk it through with Him. If you already know why, reflect on how it’s going for you. Feel free to share/or not to share what you discover!

About Jennie Joy

I'm a lover and truth-seeker. This blog is a place for me to share my thoughts, struggles, and sincere searchings as I get to know God and welcome the reality of His kingdom in and through me.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    your blog is rocking my world, thanks for being an authentic seeking believer, for not being complacent and your encouragement to me through all this! I bless you for it sister!!Jenni

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