Ah, the journey has come to an end. I safely arrived in Sudan this morning at about 11:00.
The family gave me a great welcome! Pastor John, Baba Peter, and a handful of the high school boys came to fetch me from the airport- so I graciously let them carry all of my bags… my shoulders were sore after the long journey of lugging all of those books in my carry-on. 🙂 Oh, and the guitar case (stuffed with sweaters to avoid making my checked bag weigh more!!!).
So, as we bounced down the road back to town, Pastor John filled me in on all the news- including the visit of Salva Kiir to Yei yesterday afternoon. Salva is the leader of South Sudan and is the man who is bravely opposing President Bashir in next year’s elections. So, his visit here was kind of like a political rally from the sounds of it.
After being welcomed by the kids and spending some time catching up with Michele, I was pooped and ready to crash, so I thought I should at least assemble my tent and roll out my sleeping bag for a bit… As I was beginning to move my things into the tent, Mama Eudita stopped me and she and Beida and Patrick’s wife, Betty, herded me into the office (where we have a guest bed that they had made up for me!), and insisted that I live in that room. So- I actually have a room now! Granted, it is shared by all of the staff during the day as their office, but I am so blessed to have a bed to stretch out on, a room with more space than I know what to do with, and(!!!) an electric light to read by at night!!! So, this means no more blasted flashlights before midnight… well, at least until we move to the new land!
Oh, and that’s another story… 🙂 Absolutely no building happened on the land during the time Michele and I were away. I mean, it’s not entirely surprising… quite predictable really… but disappointing at the same time. That means that when our lease expires on our current half-acre, we will all move out to the new land in tents. There will be a few buildings finished, but most of us will be in tents until the remaining buildings can be completed.
I unpacked some, then fell asleep for about an hour, unpacked some more, cleaned the latrine (which had gathered a fair bit of dust, spiders, and dead cockroaches), used the latrine (I know I didn’t have to include that bit…), and then sat down to have some coffee with Mama Eudita. I showed her some photos of the family. She couldn’t stop exclaiming how beautiful my family was and how young my parents are! She says my mom and I look like sisters. Hehe…
Yeppers. So, that’s about it. 🙂 I’ve hugged oodles of kids today- and cuddled my cute little Danny-boy. 🙂 I was greeted, “Welcome! How are you, sister?” by Malik- who finished his exams for the year and believes he did very well- we will see the results by next week! I was not remembered by some of the babies who ran screaming when they saw me approach… great feeling. 😉 I was followed around by a faithful crew of toddlers calling, “Jennie-Joy! Tickle me!”
For lunch, we had posho and greens. For dinner, we had posho and beans.
Peace out, my friends! I plan to sleep well tonight!!!

About Jennie Joy

I'm a lover and truth-seeker. This blog is a place for me to share my thoughts, struggles, and sincere searchings as I get to know God and welcome the reality of His kingdom in and through me.

4 responses »

  1. Jewel says:

    Glad you’re back safe without problems! Finally having a room and bed is exciting!!

  2. Becca says:

    I’m so glad to hear you’re back safely. A room?!! With a light??!!! That’s pretty cool!And for your random information, the word for my word verification to post this was “comphed”. I wonder where it is in the dictionary…

  3. daniel suh says:

    haha: “little kids – tickle me!”i remember how we were all praying for your visa and travels, but this time it all just worked out nicely

  4. Jennie-Joy says:

    Jewel&Becca- yes, having a bed and light is SO terribly exciting! 🙂 The light won't last too terribly long, as we're moving onto new land w/o electricity- but the bed is INCREDIBLE. :)And, about the visa and such, Daniel- isn't God good?!

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