As I sit around the fire at night with my Sudanese friends, the conversation often turns to the situation in Darfur, the latest raids by LRA rebels, the ongoing violence in the Nuba mountains, and the threat of renewed war between north and south. Then, they turn to me and begin to grill me on the political candidates. They want to know if the next American President will care about the injustice in Sudan or turn a blind eye.
The word passing through the NGO community is that Sudan will likely be back at war within 8 months of the American election- and the new commander in chief will do nothing. Too many conflicts of interest. Too many world powers have their hand in this convoluted mess. Too many toes to step on. Intervention here would be anything but surgical. No, the United States will look away.
But, I don’t speak so frankly to my Sudanese friends. Such frankness would be unkind. We’re living in the middle of a great diplomatic enigma, and the Sudanese people cannot look to the United States as their savior. But, there is another, and we are looking into His eyes.
For nothing is impossible with God.
Time will tell if we truly believe that, or if we bail and run after other “solutions.” If He is who He says He is, we can trust Him, right? If we cannot trust Him, then our faith is still too abstract. To disconnected from reality. True faith is substance.
Everyone loves faith as an abstract concept, but when it must become substance – when we must move in faith, actively walking into the realm of the unseen – many balk and turn back to the “safety” they knew before. But they miss the point. An abstract faith belongs to an abstract god who can only handle abstract problems. That god is only an idea, and an idea is no God at all.
I did not come to Sudan because of an abstract god. That god won’t sustain me when the bank account is empty or malaria comes or war breaks out. Only a God of substance can sustain me – a God who is more connected to my reality than anything else – more than everything else. The faithfulness of such a God is the only thing that will sustain me.
What will it take for the people of Sudan to find true security? Behind all the diplomacy, injustice, corruption, oppression, and aggression lies the rotting corpse of a god that could not be substantive in the face of reality. He was just an empty idea. A broken form. He was dead before the war killed him. Nietsche wasn’t all wrong.
Sudan! There is an onslaught of fear that drives your world! Forsake the impotent ideas of god that cannot stand up to the attacks. You must know Him. Know His substance and reality – His Love. Know God.
I know Him just a little- that beautiful, present, eternal, perfect-love God. Each day I will know Him more. Each day, He will conquer another piece of my heart.
And I truly believe that nothing is impossible with God.
So, God – my perfect Father – You conquering King of the impossible – take me deeper into Your presence. Overwhelm me with the love that defines You. May my spirit live in Your heart, and may my everything else walk into the future out of Your truest reality.

About Jennie Joy

I'm a lover and truth-seeker. This blog is a place for me to share my thoughts, struggles, and sincere searchings as I get to know God and welcome the reality of His kingdom in and through me.

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