Today, the kids all got a pair of new clothes! It was lots of fun to watch Mama Eudita sort through the massive pile of donated clothes – carefully selecting matching tops and bottoms, pausing to mentally size the outfits on the kids, and then, in her very deliberate manner, simply stating the child’s name.

The mass of children just outside of the door would buzz with excitement, and out of the sea of faces, the little one would suddenly materialize. Each child in turn approached Mama Eudita with a certain measure of fear – she is the kind of woman that demands respect simply because she breathes. Extending both hands, they took their clothes, some concealing their smiles, but many grinning openly. It was great to see the kids vested in their “back to school clothes,” if you will. The kids return to school on Monday.

Nura Aba, the youngest one at Yei Children’s Village looks great in her new shirt!
Onzia is cuddling with a new doll that came out of the donation boxes today.
Since it was dinner time, I took this photo to introduce you to Sudanese tableware. (Yes, readers. I am talking about the right hand.)

John. This young man is an aspiring artist.

Kelly, one of our visitors, spending some quality time with Noella.

New clothes, and already climbing on a bag of charcoal! Kids!

Asa looks adorable in her new blue dress.

My little buddy, Super Dario!!!
Don’t you love his new pink pants?!

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  1. Jewel says:

    A couple years ago we did a clothes drive in a poor village in the Dominican – with parents and children. It was quite the experience to see everyone “mob” our hut and wait anxiously for their turn. I loved it!

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