Salama Brothers and Sisters!
I have arrived safely in Pemba! Yesterday, we at the Iris Ministries center celebrated the day of the child. There was lots of singing, dancing, and a community meal of rice, chicken, salad, and soft drinks. The people here may only see a meal that grand once or twice each year, as their regular fare is a meal of rice and beans or rice and matapa (which is a sauce made from peanuts and greens).
I’ve been busy holding children, worshiping the LORD and praying together with my fellow students, dancing, interpreting from English to Portuguese and vice-versa for my English-speaking classmates and Brazilian roommate, and learning a bit of the tribal language (Makua) as I can. 🙂 Now, I can greet the old women and ask how they are doing. That’s a small conversation, but a good start.
I have met up with my team that will go to Sudan. We are planning to set aside time each week to gather together in prayer. Also, I’ve joined the intercessor team here at the school. We are daily bringing the needs of the school, the Iris Center, and the people of Mozambique before the throne of God. There is a “prayer hut” situated on top of a high hill overlooking the Iris center and the Indian ocean in the distance. That is a good place to pray. 🙂
Oh yeah, there are magnificent baobab trees all over the campus here. They are incredibly large, really amazing. As my classmate Dea commented yesterday, “They look ancient.”
I have stopped taking my malaria medicine because the pills burned my esophagus, which is one of the side effects. Every time I ate, I had piercing pain that would last for hours after eating, even doubling me over in pain at random points during the day. Praise God that in the past 24 hours, especially after my roommates prayed over me last evening, the pain has been decreasing. My Brazilian “house mother” has suggested that I begin taking vitamin B instead of the doxycycline, as vitamin B is a natural mosquito repellant. Even though I have seen hardly any mosquitos, I have been sleeping well under my mosquito net and have faithfully been using repellant, Mom, so, don’t worry. 🙂 No bites!
I was unable to acquire a visa during my days in Maputo, so, the administrative team here will help me address this here at the immigration office at the airport. There were several others who also encountered the same problem with the embassy in the USA, so we are all seeking God’s favor in this visa situation.
Classes start tomorrow. I love being here- I love the children- and I am filled with expectancy. How will the LORD work among us in these coming days?
Prayer Needs:
– Intercede for the people of Pemba. The price of rice has risen again, and people are growing increasingly desperate. There have been increasing robberies, which seem to be directly connected to the increasing price in food.
– Pray for logistics here. The administrative team at the missions school is super busy caring for details from visas and lost baggage to electrical problems and class schedules. Their work is tiring and much of the details are beyond their control, so pray for supernatural peace and guidance. One of the adminstrators, Claire, is living in my house.
– Rolland Baker, co-director of Iris Ministries with his wife Heidi, is ill in the hospital in Texas. Pray for his complete healing.
– Pray for our Sudan team as we bond and seek the LORD together during our prayer times. The members of our team are Lisa, Dea, Krista, Thomas, Abraham, Michele, and Jennie (me!).
– Pray for my protection from those nasty little mosquitos and any disease they carry.
– Join us on the intercessory team as we pray for an upcoming day of unity and prayer for the churches here in Pemba. There are plans to bring all of the churches together in July to repent of national sins and pray for God to work among the Makua people here in the province of Cabo Delgado. Nothing like this has ever happened here, so we ask God to bring it to pass and to bless that time of corporate, unified seeking His face.
– AND- please pray for the LORD to smile on us as we seek Him at the missions school. Our classes start on Tuesday morning.
– I had a wonderful time in Maputo with my friends there, and God gave me a passage from Jeremiah to share with the students at my high school on Friday.
– Everyone was fed yesterday at the celebration of children’s day! 🙂 We were able to pray over each child and welcome the love of our heavenly Father to surround them.
– Travel so far has been safe and my bags have all arrived! Most of the students have also arrived at the base.
– Jesus has given me some good laughs and encouragement with my new friends here.
– The weather is beautiful!
– My esophagus is healing! Keep praying for complete healing!

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I'm a lover and truth-seeker. This blog is a place for me to share my thoughts, struggles, and sincere searchings as I get to know God and welcome the reality of His kingdom in and through me.

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  1. Jewel says:

    Praying for you Jennie!

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