Before coming to Indiana Wesleyan, I lived in Mozambique as a missionary kid. My father taught at a Bible college and my mother, a nurse, cared for the sick in schools, churches, and relief camps. Well, now, I’m officially an adult- both 21 and a college graduate- and I know there’s no excuse for me to hang back and just watch the world spin.

During my years at college, Jesus blessed me with a greater compassion for the needs of people all across the world. Having grown up in a war-ravaged nation, surrounded by poverty, an AIDS epidemic, and a highly animistic and increasingly Islamic population, I was accustomed to seeing death and suffering. I was at risk of normalizing or accepting what I saw as an unfortunate reality, but praise Jesus! He grabbed my heart and instilled a love for hurting people and a longing for His Kingdom!

As I stand here today, my deepest heart’s desire is to see the world that God intended. That desire is wrapped up in my pursuit of the heart of God. So, I’m spending my first summer out of college chasing Jesus- to know Him better, more fully and intimately.

You might think it strange that this pursuit takes me back to Africa, into the heart of a rural, Muslim province. Strange perhaps, but true. God is opening the gates of heaven and revealing Himself to the Muslim people in northern Mozambique like He revealed Himself to the people in the book of Acts. Wherever the Gospel is preached, deaf ears open, blind eyes see, and yes, even the dead return to life! Muslim people and villagers under the curses of witchdoctors are running to Jesus as they hear Him proclaimed and see Him at work among them.

I will spend two months in this province, receiving teaching from the Mozambican pastors and foreign missionaries. A holy hunger to know God like I’ve never seen drives their ministry forward. So, I return to Mozambique to diligently seek the LORD and invite Him to flow out of me like a stream of living water.

In August, I will fly from Mozambique to spend several weeks with a young ministry in the Sudan. Sudan is a microcosm of all the social and spiritual needs the LORD has placed on my heart. Spiritual strongholds keep these people bound to war, hatred, poverty, legalized slavery, despair, and genocide, while the Kingdom of God is one of righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit! How the good news of Jesus needs to transform their dark and desperate situation! And, the outpouring of God’s presence in Mozambique is proof that this Kingdom of God conquers any kingdom of this world!

In college, I learned to look for where God is at work and join Him, which is what I will do in Mozambique. My heart also burns to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the most destitute and hopeless corners of the earth. Why? Because I know Jesus transforms! He has worked deep healing in my own life, and has promised me that His love is deeper and stronger than any stronghold. The world aches for the truth of Christ and the total transformation He brings. Sudan is one of those dark places that cries out. So, I cry out with them, seek Him who can redeem them, and go to them.

About Jennie Joy

I'm a lover and truth-seeker. This blog is a place for me to share my thoughts, struggles, and sincere searchings as I get to know God and welcome the reality of His kingdom in and through me.

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  1. […] I leave for Africa today. After a journey of nearly two days of planes and layovers and such, I’ll be back in Mozambique to embark on this new adventure. You see, I’ve set aside this summer to seek the LORD. I need to know Him. […]

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