How do I know I’m back at school?

Well, Dr. Wilbur Williams, robed as the patriarch Abraham, just walked through Noggle lobby, burping on his way to class.

About Jennie Joy

I'm a lover and truth-seeker. This blog is a place for me to share my thoughts, struggles, and sincere searchings as I get to know God and welcome the reality of His kingdom in and through me.

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  1. Hey Jennie! I’m over at Mom’s (Emma Lee) helping her view the pics of the Benson babies, while reading the comments I thought I saw you…with further investigation I was pleasantly surprised to find it true!! Mom was excited to see your pics and blog, I’m sure she will be visiting again as well as myself.I was wondering if your parents were not missionaries do you think this would have been the path you’d be on today? I find it interesting, I think I’d like to go/do some of the things you have done. I do realize it not always “fun” but it has to always be a blessing of some sort.I was reading your section “I’m Angry”. You need to get in the car, drive down a highway, roll down the window and scream!! Let it out, I had a co-worker many years ago tell me she’d do that on occasion & I have found myself doing it…just don’t forget you’re driving.I think I can relate somewhat to your anger…somewhat I stress. In fear of sounding like I’m dropping an “anecdote” or “muttering something”… I watched the Lifetime movie “Human Trafficking” I was angry and sad. I also read in one of the World Hope newsletters, JoAnne’s article on Human Trafficking…which of course was well written. I’m embarassed to say I am one of those people who is aware but I haven’t done anything to help stop the situation…Jennifer you are an encouragment.When people ask you how your trip was, don’t minimize your experience or your feelings. If you know the person is not wanting a full run down, let them know briefly. Give them some “food for thought”…don’t hold these feelings in. God has not given you this heart of compassion to stuff inside and not share with others. Your voice can make a difference…it may only be that the person you are speaking to can “only” pray but as you well know prayer is powerful. On the other hand, you may speak with someone who has the desire & the means to work with you to make a difference. While reading your journal I am amazed at what an exceptional, well spoked, Child of God you are. I would not be surprised when I hear you have published a book.Also, Mom & I watched your video of searching for the “straw hat”…you are so silly!! I think you may have done well in the silent film industry…Mom thinks you may have taken some lessons from your Mom’s friend “Doris”.lolI think I’ll get out of here. I don’t have internet service right now so I come over to Mom’s to use hers. I don’t have a blog, my email is I will be visiting…again I think you are an amazing young woman. Be blessed and keep having fun in life!!!Your sister in Christ.Melanie

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