All of history… all of everything… every screw up… every beat up, messed up, holed up failure… every act of evil and violence… every instance of hopelessness must have a purpose. How can there be an instance of hopelessness if there is no hope upon which to base it? If a situation is indeed hopeless, that means that the hope of what could have been is not entirely lost, just thought to be unattainable. Remember the hope. It’s still there. As long as the sun shines, the moon reflects its light, the earth rotates on an invisible axis, and breath rises and falls in the lungs of the living, there is hope. Why? His name is Jesus. Don’t shut me down now. I don’t speak His name as a child does in church to receive the approval of his Sunday school teacher. His precious name doesn’t come forth from my throat as another name might, and may it never so spill off my tongue. His name is not powerless unless the truth of His being is already numbed to an unseeing mind. Yes! Unseeing. Blind. For this world is not as we see. If we could see it truly, entirely, the way it is in a deeper reality than our eyes can describe to us, we would know that hope can never vanish as long as our LORD reigns on the throne. And He does. By faith I see it. Faith. Eyes of a spiritual woman who lives in this realm only a few years, but goes on in the realm of reality for eternity. My undying eyes of faith. May they, developed now in this moment, never atrophy to the point that I can not see as I see now. I am a woman. I am an adult. I am 21 years old today. Isn’t that laughable?! 21. A skip, a step, less than a stride in the scope of eternal reality, yet 21 years in this world I see with my eyes. I don’t know why I’ve been granted a glimpse of what is, but there He sits. He is enthroned in majesty. He is above all, yet connected. He discerns and acts as His love leads. And oh, that love. Did the Scriptures not tell us? “These three remain. Faith. Hope. and Love. And the greatest of these is Love.” Because of eyes of faith, we can see Him. Therefore we have hope. In what do we hope? Not his power or greatness, for these, although so real and undeniable in the scope of this vision do not merit our hope. No. We hope in His love. Only a loving God should care if I hope. Only a God whose foundation is love would bring light to a darkened mind, clouded by doubt, failure, uncertainty, and despair. Love. God is love. What hope in that phrase? Love is the greatest. Love is the foundation. From it, all else is birthed. Love is transformative. Oh we see it so vaguely here. Our imperfect love is but a glimmer of His. Love. It binds all things together. His LOVE. LOVE. It is He. God is Love. Not our love. No. A better Love. The infinite Love. Love as it was meant to be. The Love of eternal reality is what gives me Hope.

Jesus- for this lost and dying world, I speak Hope. Not a fool’s hope, for perhaps that I am a fool in that I know so little, I know this, and declaring it is not at all foolish- JESUS can open the eyes of the blind. He can unstop the ears of the deaf. His words can calm a tumultuous sea. His touch can give life to the shriveled legs of the lame. Can He not give sight to eyes of faith? Or open spiritual ears to truths before unknown? Can not His words heal and soothe the tumult in your heart or in your land? Can He not touch and transform a despairing culture? BUT OF COURSE HE CAN! My faith eyes see it! Is HE not on the throne?! Oh but He is!

So, I speak that Hope to them! Hope in His Love that I can see in my eyes of Faith! I speak Hope to the child in a brothel. His Love is not beyond your grasp, little one. Hold on to Hope! Grant, Lord, that the child’s natural eyes be darkened to the evil, and her eyes of faith opened to the Truth!

You are on the throne! My eyes have seen it! And it is Your Love that undergirds me, opening my eyes of Faith to the wondrous Hope.

How great is Your Love!

About Jennie Joy

I'm a lover and truth-seeker. This blog is a place for me to share my thoughts, struggles, and sincere searchings as I get to know God and welcome the reality of His kingdom in and through me.

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